Optimizing Infographics for Search

Infographics were hot for a while but have since been cooling off. But we will probably have clients ask us about them long after they’ve stopped being popular.


Recently a client approached me with this question: “Wondering if there are basic guidelines for optimizing for an infographic page”.

My recommendation was thus:

  • Treat the infographic like video content
  • Open with an unique H1
  • Follow with an introductory paragraph
  • Then the infographic
  • Followed by the infographic content in HTML
  • Optimize image alt text

Here is the example and how I suggested they lay it out.

The Anatomy of an Email

A successful email is more than the sum of its parts. Here’s how these vital organs give you the structure for communicating and making it easy for your recipient to engage with your message.


Email Header

Subject Line

A killer subject line is short and the point. A good impression means your recipient will open the message, but a bad impression will send it to the trash – or spam! – unread.


Preheader (or “snippet”) text gives a quick preview of content and reinforces the subject line message.

Reply-to Address

The right “reply-to” address makes sure your customer’s response goes to the right place.


A from name and address signals your reader that the message is from a trusted source.

Email Body

Be Direct

Make it easy for your customer to take action by enforcing a concise approach to copy.


Use your customer’s name at minimum, or, a more complex business rules to customize content.


You can see above that we still put the emphasis on the infographic (the thing the user is looking for) but are still including the text Google needs in order to rank it. Simple as that.

Make sure you have a strong title, good H1 text, and infographic content as HTML that is easy to ready (html structure as shown in example).

Quick note about interlinking. The text also provides us with opportunities for interlinking content on our site, or referencing relevant sources on other sites.